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Documentary / Non-Profit Videos

Documentaries and videos for non-profit organizations have to convey authority and create empathy.

Documentary Reel 2019

Samples of documentary videos recorded by Daniel Halfon in the studios of VoicesOff Productions.

Underground Railway Technology

Documentary on underground railway technology. V/O recorded at the studios of VoicesOff Productions.

Due South

Documentary on Bedouin education in south of Israel, voiced in an Australian accent recorded at the VoicesOff Production studios.

When Iran Gets The Bomb

Delivered in a variety styles of American and British news reportage.

MIgdal Ohr UK 2015 Fundraiser

Voiced in RP British English.

From Holocaust to Ressurection

Extract from short movie on the work of artist Nicky Imber, made by film maker David Frasier. Delivered in an 'Eastern European' accent.

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